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Aeration is a process that mechanically removes plugs of soil and deposits them on the top of the turf surface. This service is done using a Stand-on aerator that uses hydraulic down pressure to get deep plugs. This style of machine can pull up to 3-4” plugs, given the right soil conditions. The machine measures 35.5” wide so if your lawn is fenced we need a minimum of 36” gate to get the machine into the area. Aerating your lawn can help improve the health of your grass by allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil more easily. This can help the roots of your grass grow deeper and stronger, leading to a healthier, more resilient lawn. Additionally, aeration can help reduce compaction of the soil, which can occur when the soil is packed down tightly, making it difficult for grass roots to grow. By aerating your lawn, you can help improve its overall health and appearance.

We aerate in the fall. We just highly suggest it’s done once a year.  A standard aeration starts at $79.00 and up for lawns up to 4000 sq. ft.


The reason why the fall is the best time to overseed is because we begin to have cooler and longer nights which gives the seed a better chance to germinate. We always pair overseeding with an aeration. This is a process that mechanically removes plugs of soil and deposits them on the top of the soil surface. As these cores break down, the surrounding soil, now relieved of compaction, will fill in the holes. These holes also give the seeds an excellent pocket to germinate in since seed to soil contact is needed. 

We only use the best seed, it is a premium blend that is  for our area from a local seed distributor. These newer varieties of seed are proven to have higher resistance to disease, greater ability to withstand drought, and in many cases, better appearance than older cultivars. While it’s not necessary, some customers choose to add on Starter Fertilizer to insure the grass seed has the best chance to become established. 

If you are not needing to overseed your lawn our aeration only service typically begins in September and will run through October so you have plenty of time to get them done before winter sets in. A standard aeration starts at $79.00 for up to a 4000 sq. ft lawn.

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